Allentown Fiber Festival is still happening!

Update March 16: We have made the difficult decision to postpone/cancel Allentown Fiber Festival 2020 based on the CDC updated guidelines. Read more in our latest post.

Good afternoon everyone!

We are very aware of the concerns surrounding the spread of Covid 19. However, unless a State or Federally enacted quarantine goes into effect under advisement from the CDC in our area, we plan to move forward with the show.

We as a community though, need to protect each other, here are some ways as recommended by the CDC to do that… Wash your hands, often, for 20 seconds. Soap breaks the cellular structure of viruses.

Hand sanitizer is a good secondary option when soap and water isn’t available.

Avoid touching people, communal surfaces, and your face, if you do, wash your hands. In lieu of hugs or handshakes, bows, elbow bumps, and foot tap, are acceptable greetings. Hand sanitizer will be available for regular use.

We have, despite the shortage, gotten a large quantity of hand sanitizer, and will have pump bottles spread around the festival and we encourage their regular use. We will also be sanitizing hard surfaces at regular intervals.

Most importantly though, if you are ill or have someone ill in your household, please, for everyone’s safety, stay home, we will miss you.

If you feel uncomfortable coming to the festival, please stay home and shop from our vendors online. Please remember, it is always your choice whether or not to attend.

We hope to see you all there and that we can all take care of our community together.

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